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Our City through history


Old districts, period buildings (houses, taverns)

The first refugees who settled in the area of ​​Sykies initially settled in old Turkish houses and all kinds of rough shacks, made of wood, tins or sheet metal, without windows and lighting. Over time, they moved into houses, many of which were built with state care, while at the same time the process of zoning the area and dividing the plots began.

Favorite gathering places of the refugees were the traditional coffee shops and taverns, where they had the opportunity to discuss the problems of everyday life and have fun eating, drinking and dancing. In this section, photos of old districts, houses, coffee shops and taverns are presented, evidence of the past that has mostly been lost, mainly due to the intense urbanization from 1970 onwards.

Papanastasiou Street in the 1940s

Messolongiou Street in the 1940s

Messolongiou Street in the 1940s

Messolongiou Street in the 1940s

View of the "Geni Delik" area during the 1960s

View of the "Police" area in the 1970s (now "Elpidos" Street)

One of the oldest houses in Sykies, the so-called "red house", built around 1900. It was still standing until a few years ago.

One of the first wooden refugee houses of the Municipality of Sykies

Old two-storey house from the 1930s in the area "Eski Delik"

Views of Sykies

In the Municipality History Center, an extremely valuable archival material of old postcards, photographs and colored copper engravings is kept, dating from the first quarter of the 20th century. In this rare archival material, unknown and largely lost aspects of Sykies are presented, both from the last years of the Turkish occupation, and from the period of the first settlement of the Greek refugees.

Typical types of Turkish houses in "Eski" and "Yeni Delik" areas

Today’s “Lahanokipi” (“Vegetable Gardens”) area of Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies

Today’s “Peristeria” (“Pigeons”) area of Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies

Sykies, Messolongiou street

Sykies, Walls Sector

Sykies, Elpidos street. Panoramic photo at the boundaries of the "Mevlehane" district and the "Yeni Delik" area